The Studio - Creating our dream business space

Along with a growing business, meant the need for a larger space. I was adamant that I didn’t want to rent somewhere, given that only two years prior, we chose this property due to it having a designated level separate to the main house to run the business from. Two years ago that space was completely adequate – MORE than adequate actually. However, in those two short years, we had some (welcome) growth, which in turn, meant that the space we were using was no longer large enough.

 pulling down the lattice walls

So we decided that given we wouldn’t be travelling to exhibit at any trade shows (due to Covid), one of our goals for 2020 was to renovate and create a space that would help us work more effectively and efficiently, and allow our production volume to increase; moving the business forward in a less ‘squished’ fashion.


We planned on having the space completed in around 6 weeks, but of course, 9 months on, it still hasn’t even been decorated (which is why I am yet to share any pics of the finished space). It ended up being a much larger project than originally anticipated, and it took a heck of a lot longer too. But good things come to those who wait (right?), and we can finally see the finish line, moving the final pieces into the office over the next couple of weeks.


It was a bit of an awkward space to work with, so it took a fair bit of thinking outside the box as to how we were going to make it work. After lots (and lots) of planning, we had some plans drawn up which allowed us to make the most out of the space, and deliver something that was truly unique, and exactly what the business needed. So, we are now spread over two levels and broken into three separately defined spaces that all work really seamlessly together. There is the storage and production area which is on the ground floor, the stock picking room (this was our original space) which is now filled with library-style shelving housing all the readymade products to be shipped out, and the newly built mezzanine which is now home to my new office, along with a huge 4 metre long packing table where all our orders are packed.


We managed to increase the space from 24 sqm to a whopping 81 sqm which has resulted in me not tripping over myself once! (yay!). But most importantly, it has allowed us to increase production and stock levels so that we can dispatch incoming retail and wholesale orders immediately, which means no wait time for anyone, and that’s always a good thing!

Looking back, I wish I took more photos and videos of the building process, but I managed to at least get a few, and I wanted to share a bit of the journey with you all. These photos aren’t glamorous (the glamorous pics are yet to come), but they do showcase the process that the space went through to transform from something pretty useless, into something that now brings me so much joy every time I look sideways at it.   

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