Aquamarine Mini Spheres


Price is per piece, and mini spheres are intuitively chosen.


Aquamarine is the crystal of communication. It is a very special stone that supports the extremely important connection between the heart and the highest truths, and assists with solving conflicts, arguments and disagreements. It also aids those with fiery emotions to cool those strong desires that can bubble over during heated moments. 

The beautiful water element shines through in this crystal, with the ability to refresh emotions and provide mental clarity, supporting us to be open to new knowledge and ideas. 

This is a fantastic stone for teachers or lecturers, managers, or any job that requires one to speak publicly, as this crystal has power to help boost ones confidence and even help to ease the strongest of stage fright. 


Calming & Patience / Inspiration / Communication / Peace of Mind / Anxiety Relief / Expanded Awareness / Protection / Inner Peace

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