Caribbean Calcite Sphere (AAA Grade) /



Caribbean Blue Calcite is a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid one in elevating their consciousness. While we're still learning more and more about this stone each day, we highly urge you to do the same! During your next meditation session, add this stone to your cycle and begin to draw energy off of it so you can channel it within. One of the first things we’ve noticed is the overall sense of calm and serenity that overtook our physical body. This allows one to more easily “slip” out of their physical body and ascend to higher vibrations. This is a place where you can absorb endless amounts of knowledge about yourself and where you're going. Keep this stone by your bed side for an enhanced perspective of your dreams, as well as an additional power source to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel.


New Beginnings / Growth / Inner Peace / Intuition / Stress Relief / Wisdom / Calming Wholeness / Self Discovery

**This crystal is increasingly hard to source, and AAA grade quality such as these palm stones is now impossible to source. A finite amount of this crystal was found  in 2019, and they have now been almost completely mined out. We were extremely lucky to come across these incredible high grade pieces early on in our sourcing journey, and witnessed them completely disappear from the market within a few short months of becoming available. Caribbean Caclite will continue to rise in price due to it's rarity and scarcity, unless any more can be found in new locations**

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