Celestite Cluster / 2.3kg



This was the first significant piece we bought on our crystal sourcing journeys, and find it as magical today as the day we laid eyes on it. This Celestite is completely perfect! Perfect in its shape, composition, and clarity. The light filters through the shards and ricochets throughout the entire piece, shooting light and shadows into the peaks and troughs, creating beautiful interest. A divine collectors piece that embodies calm and peaceful energy.


A very high vibrational stone, Celestite's energy can be felt with just a touch. The crystal can assist with vivid dreaming, and helping you to understand what dreams mean, with more clarity. It can have e a calming and soothing effect on the emotional body, and can help with cooling emotions for those who struggle with a temper. Placing a piece of celestite on your night stand or work desk can offer a pacifying effect on both the mind and body. 


Meditation / Dreams / Calming & Patience / Clarity / Lucid Dreaming / Attunement / Communication

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