Clear Quartz Cluster (Icy) / 1.977kg


1.977kg / Icy Cluster

21cm Length x 10cm width x 10cm height 



The master healer, Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal if you are just starting out on your crystal journey. Clear Quartz can be used to cleanse all other crystals, and can also clear and energise the chakra systems, however due to its ability to enhance energies, it needs to be cleansed regularly. This crystal can be cleansed by placing outside in the sun, or soaking in a salt water solution overnight. It can also be smoked with sage which will help its energies remain pure and optimum. 

This stone can help clear emotional blockages, and replace them with positive feelings of self-acceptance and love. This crystals helps us to clearly see our emotions and mental states so that necessary changes can be made to take steps towards healing. It can be utilised for almost any metaphysical purpose, and it will match the vibrations of the intentions that have been placed upon in. 


Meditation / Clearing / Cleansing / Expanded Awareness / Dispelling Negative Energy / Intention Enhancement / Transformation / Protection / Self-Healing

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