Howlite Points / 102g - 114g


intuitively chosen by us for you


Howlite is a stone of emotional healing that contains strong vibrations, helping you stay in direct contact with your higher self while at the same time becoming fully connected to the energy Mother Earth provides. Identifying the calming energy that howlite can bring, it also assists with channeling and harnessing this energy towards individual self-healing. This stone nurtures and enlightens, while sharing the capabilities your soul can offer to both yourself and your surroundings. 


Howlite is a powerful healer, and is capable of helping those who need help to heal from grief, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, mourning and depression. Howlite helps bring forth strength during times of distress, and helps the mind maintain clarity while grounding energy. The stone is an emotional tailsman that shares that new growth and life are always possible, no matter how significant someones grief may be. 

 Keep Howlite close to you in your daily life. For examples, carry a piece of Howlite in your handbag, or wear it in a piece of jewellry so you can tap into its energy when needed. 


Calming & Patience / Strength / Balance / Confidence / Knowledge / Physical Healing  / Truth / Consciousness / Stress Relief / Insight / Inner Vision / Grief and Mourning

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