Kunzite Ring


This Kunzite ring is a wonderful piece to add to any jewellery collection, and due to its uniquely powerful properties including its ability to drive positive outward feelings of love and kindness, it is the perfect piece to wear on your finger daily to support a positive attitude and ward off negative emotions.Charge this crystal ring at night by placing it in one of our selenite bowls. 

One available only. You will receive the exact ring that is photographed here. 

NB* this is a fine jewellery piece with silver band with adjustable sizing. Please note that silver does tarnish, and this is a natural part of its process with wear. 



Kunzite opens the heart and makes it act as a vacuum, allowing for all different types of love to get sucked in. Love for all things; nature, humanity, animals, self, Mother Earth are unlocked when working with this crystal. Kunzite grants kindness, gentleness, and self-worth, unleashing positivity from within, outwards. Kunzite's powers also help to alleviate stress and negative emotions, and helps in reconnecting the heart with the mind, removing blockages between the two, and enhancing the strength of the heart-to-mind connection. Kunzite will heal and allows you to 'shed' your old layers while it's transformative properties allow you to grow into your 'new skin'.


Love & Relationships / Creativity / Growth / New Beginnings / Self-Healing / Inner Peace / Unity of Heart & Will / Connection with Nature / Peace of Mind / Compassion / Stress Relief / Self-Love



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