Larimar Ring


This Larimar ring is a wonderful piece to add to any jewellery collection, and due to its unique properties to assist with communication, and strong emotions, it is the ideal piece to keep close to you daily, as it support a soothing and calming emotional state. Charge this crystal ring at night by placing it in one of our selenite bowls. 

One available only. You will receive the exact ring that is photographed here. 

NB* Silver band with adjustable sizing. Please note that silver does tarnish, and this is a natural part of its process with wear. 


While Larimar can be found in shades of white and grey, the soft blue colour of Larimar is extremely rare. This is the perfect stone for anyone who feels they struggle with controlling emotions and communicating true feelings, or for those who are experiencing loss. This crystal helps one to open up and keep the mind in a calm state. Larimar highlights the inner strength that one possesses and the importance of vocalising issues that we hold close. 

Termed 'the pocket therapist', Larimar is a very good stone to keep close for those who are finding it difficult to move forward through grief, and will help push one towards relaxations, resolution and evolution. 


Relaxation / Self-Healing / Soothing / Trust / Trauma / Calming Wholeness / Emotional Understanding / Empathy / Grief & Mourning / Insight / Inner Peace

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