Madagascan Rose Quartz (Gem Grade) / 68g



These gem grade Rose Quartz freeforms from Madagascar are nothing short of exquisite. These large pieces cost us a pretty penny, but once you see them, you will understand why they were worth every last cent! We hand picked each single piece, one by one with our supplier, to ensure the absolute highest quality possible. The clarity of each and every piece is so clear and gemmy, it's like looking through pink smoky glass. Filled with pure soothing and loving energy, these pieces will leave you feeling completely mesmorized and smitten..



The stone of pure lover, Rose Quartz awakens the heart to it's truest loving potential to find love internally and externally. This crystal helps to achieve feelings of personal fulfilment and contentment in daily life, and assists you to link the user with their own heart, and with the heart of others.

Rose Quartz carries a feminine energy, which brings forth feelings of comfort and tenderness. Encouraging compassion, peace, and nourishment, this stones beautifully strong vibrations cleanse emotional hurt, and help to heal. This stone also assists in providing you with a positive outlook, and aids with the release of stress and tension, dissolving any feelings of anger you might have. Its soothing energy helps to bring a harmonious balance, and excels in attracting new love and nurturing closer bonds with established connections. 


Love & Relationships / Calming & Patience / Soothing / Joy / Creativity / Empathy / Cleansing / Relaxation / Anxiety Relief / Physical Healing

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