Mexican Lace Agate Point




Mexican Agate is a rare variety of layered chalcedony quartz which is believed to have been created 65-90 million years ago during the cretaceous period. Found exclusively in Chihuahua, Mexico, this stone assists with the opening of flow, and provides support around self-confidence and healing. It also helps to balance and protect, and promotes inner stability. It's warm protective properties also encourage composure, self-confidence, and maturity. When finding yourself out of alignment, this crystal will help you to look internally to take action. It assists with channelling the power within and ultimately helps one to make decisions towards achieving goals. 


Leadership / Nourishment. New Beginnings / Motivation / Longevity / Life Path / Intuition / Growth / Grounding / Focus / Expansion / Truth / Transformation / Resolution / Determination / Decisiveness / Courage / Consciousness / Adventure


Crown / Third Eye / Throat / Heart / Solar Plexus / Sacral / Root

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