Natural Citrine pieces (raw)


Citrine is known as being the key that unlocks our personal will, and the master of one's creative centre. It manifests extremely strong energy and unlocks our desires. This crystal has no bounds when it comes to helping ones imagination spark! Amplify this crystals energy by holding it each day and manifesting your goals. 


Inspiration / Dreams / Creativity / Clarity / Abundance / Anxiety Relief / Strength / Luck and Good Fortune


NB** Fake vs Natural Citrine 
Natural Citrine is a very rare and expensive stone with some specimens selling for thousands of dollars. Due to this, a large counterfeit market was created. This group has flooded the mineral world with fake versions, which are simply heat-treated to achieve the bright yellow colour that is often seen on this crystal. When one is looking to purchase a piece of natural Citrine, be extremely wary of the seller as well as its colour and size. The best way to describe Citrines' natural hue is as a faint tint of yellow/orange. Any bold shade or vibrant colour should immediately raise questions. Also, be wary of the size, any piece over a few inches should range for at least a few hundred dollars if not thousands (depending on the quality).

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