Orange Calcite Flower Specimen / 492g



Lustrous Calcite crystals in a combination of bright and earthy oranges, gleam through this delightful specimen. 

The most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate, Calcite often contains impurities (of magnesium, zinc, or iron) which add to its beautiful uniqueness and appearance. Calcite formations can present in many varieties of shapes, sizes and colours, and can assist with cleansing energy in the environment. 



The golden warmth that emanates from the beautiful colour of this mineral, is felt upon its first touch. This crystal provides strong connection between the user and the Earth's energy, which promotes focus. 

Honey Calcite makes a fantastic companion when you are needing to accomplish tasks and other projects, as it helps to generate motivation, encouraging you to focus your energy into the thoughts that are most important. 


Grounding / Growth / Intention Enhancement / Focus / Self-discipline / Manifestation / Creativity / Clarity / Abundance / Decisiveness

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