Peach Moonstone Palm Stones


Price is per piece, and palm stones are intuitively chosen



Peach Moonstone shares the same divine energies as the other Moonstone varieties, but offers an extra special connection between your heart and personal will (solar plexus). The crystal acts protectively as you work to explore and improves your creative energies. This is a more inward-loving crystal, so ideal for those who are wanting to improve on their self-care and self-love. Self-loving vibrations pour out of this stone every time you work with it, and it helps you to really realise that the more you grow comfortable with yourself, the more you can then begin to truely love the ones around you. 


Nurturing / Personal Will / Peace of Mind / Opportunities / Manifestation / Mastering Fear / Life Path / Truth / Transformation / Soothing / Unity of Heart & Will / Self-Healing / Self-Discovery / Calming & Patience / Compassion / Self-Love / Emotional Understanding 


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