Septarian Egg / 746g




This is an extremely powerful grounding stone that awakens ones connection with the nurturing energy from Mother Earth. This stone is so unique because of the 3 powerful minerals that come together to create Septarian (Aragonite, Calcite & Limestone) and can help transfer vital life energy through the body to help with realignment. This stone is good when one is wanting to channel the changing of habits, and carrying it daily will provide protection and healing. 

This stone can also enhance and provide vividness to one's dreams, so placing this crystal on a nightstand can help to maximise its potential and strength.


Life Path  /  New Beginnings  /  Opportunities / Past Lives  /  Relaxation  /  Self-Healing  /  Spiritual Awakening  /  Protection  /  Grounding  /  Transformation  /  Dreams  /  Growth  /  High-Self  /  Intuition  /  Inner Vision



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