Sunstone Ring


Embrace the energy of beautiful Sunstone by wearing this ring daily. Perfect Invite a determined attitude and strong will into your work day, and allow the sunstone to support you towards your achievements. 

 One available only. You will receive the exact ring that is photographed here. 

NB* Silver band with adjustable sizing. Please note that silver does tarnish, and this is a natural part of its process with wear. 


This stone is all about channelling passion, creativity, personal will, and determination, and moving those energies through the body to help with positive transformation. This stone brings to light what is really achievable and what one is capable of when the mind and body work together in unison. This stone helps one to trust your intuition and lead with your 'gut' and one moves through challenging choices towards personal growth and achievement. 


Transformation / Growth / Leadership / Abundance / Luck & Fortune / Strength


Solar Plexus / Sacral


NB* This is a fashion jewellery piece with adjustable sizing. The band is made from pewter. 

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