Our Fragrances

“For the moments you owe yourself”


The Modern Coastals

Palm Cove

Our signature scent, and the one we are most famous for, Palm Cove is reminiscent of a day at our tropical and much loved Palm Cove Beach. With hints of coconut, hibiscus, and summer fresh fruits, this fragrance smells like a holiday in a jar.

Seaside Plumeria & Orange Flower (new scent)

A sun kissed beach drapes nuances of coconut milk and soft vanilla over perfumed flowers of frangipani and orange blossom. Subtle base notes of mandarin, iris, and patchouli marry beautifully to create this stunningly delicate beach blend.

Peach, Lime & Melon (new scent)

This fragrance is a mouth-watering blend of fresh peach, kaffir lime, and juicy mango. With the additional fruity bursts of melon and pineapple, it is the ideal scent reminiscent of summer cocktails on the sand.  

Port Douglas Drive

Encapsulating the feel of a scenic coastal drive, this invigorating blend is what winding down the window and breathing in the fresh air, smells like. Middle notes of freesia and lavender along with subtle citrus top notes, allow for a fragrance that is both balanced and oh-so reminiscent of a day trip up our beautiful tropical coast line.   

North Queensland Lychee & Guava

This is a fruity combination with the subtle freshness of lychee fruit, a burst of guava, and the exquisite sweetness of mixes berries. This exotic fragrance is balanced perfectly with the addition of lime and soft creamy vanilla. A fruity and tropical treat for the senses.

Bedarra Day Spa

Immerse yourself in the relaxing fragrance of Bedarra Day Spa… a refreshingly mellow scent with a cool water accord that will both revitalise and calm your senses, With notes of crisp cucumber, spicy ginger and sharp spearmint, this fragrance has been carefully blended to provide a tranquil scent experience. ­­

Coconut, Almond & Vanilla Bean

This mellow fragrance is a medley of tonka bean, and subtle hints of buttery rum, with base notes of toasted almond and vanilla crème. Fresh lashings of coconut evoke thoughts of a tropical escape, with this combination smelling like a summer day at the beach. 


The Modern Goddesses

VENUS, Goddess of Love

Just like the goddess of Love herself, this fragrance is sensuous, spicy and delicate. Calming notes of patchouli and vanilla are blended with heart notes of lotus and jasmine, providing a beautifully complex and romantic floral scent.

PSYCHE, Goddess of Soul

Alight with fiery ambers and smoky hay, this fragrance is warm and soulful, just like this beautiful Goddess. Psyche’s comforting nature shines through this well rounded and warming scent, with notes of honey, iris, tobacco and musk. A perfectly balanced scent.

HEBE, Goddess of Youth

This fragrance is sweet and joyful, in the same way that Hebe is. Exotic Tigerlily is blended with a burst of freshness from casaba melon and pineapple, and finished with base notes of Patchouli and musk, completing a fun and youthful scent. 

EOS, Goddess of New Beginnings

A fresh and distinct combination of mandarin, geranium, vanilla and mint, completes this fragrance that so perfectly represents the Goddess of Dawn and New Beginnings. It is sweet, and smells like a dewy spring morning. Fresh and pleasantly mellow, it is the perfect fragrance to help you start the day anew.

 CALLIOPE, Goddess of Eloquence

Full bodied and confident, this fragrance emulates everything that Calliope embodies. Enticing earthy notes of rosewood are blended with sweet florals, and rounded out with warm hints of coconut husk. Just like Calliope, this fragrance is powerful and unmistakably feminine, and works to help assist your confidence in pursuing goals with passion and focus.

PASITHEA, Goddess of Rest

The ultimate fragrance to assist with relaxation, Pasithea is all about unwinding  and enjoying those slower moments for self care. Teaming with notes of Clary Sage, lavender and bergamot, this calming and restful scent will assist in setting the mood for peace and calm. Base notes of vanilla, tonka bean and amber lend a softness that provides a creamy overlay to what is an exceptionally divine fragrance.