Crystal Library

Crystals, Origins, and their Properties

Septarian (Madagascar) - Growth / Transformation / Grounding

Orange Calcite (Mexico) - Creativity / Self-Discovery / Inspiration

Sunstone (Canada)Rejuvenation / Cleansing / Good Fortune

Peach Moonstone (Madagascar)Peace of Mind / New Beginnings / Consciousness  

Ocean Jasper (Madagascar)Motivation / Personal Will / Manifestation

Carnelian (Brazil) - Courage / Confidence / Creativity

Rhodonite (Peru) - Relaxation / Stress Relief / Compassion

Black Obsidian (Iceland/Russia) - Clearing / Strong Protection / Intuition

Snowflake Obsidian (America/ Africa/Asia) - Protection, Grounding, Communication

Amethyst (Brazil)  - Anxiety Relief, Healing, generates peacefulness

Opalite - clears thoughts, cheerfulness, open-mindedness

Dream Amethyst (Russia/Brazil) - Inspiration, Wisdom, Attunement

Flourite (China/Mexico/Mongolia) - Decisiveness, Clarity, Balance

Moss Agate (Brazil/India/Mexico) - Opportunities, Prosperity, Life Success

Selenite  - Cleanses, Clears Blockages, Purifies surroundings

Flower Agate (Madagascar) - Inner Peace, self-healing, Calming

Botswana Agate (Botswana) - Growth, Expanded Awareness, Inner Vision

Mexican Agate (Mexico) - Healing, Anxiety Relief, Safety & Security

Dendritic Opal (India) - Stability, Healing, Alignment

Ruby Fuchsite (India) - Passion, Compassion, Confidence

Caribbean Calcite (Pakistan) - Soothing, Anxiety Relief, Promotes Inner Peace

Dalmatian Jasper (Mexico) - New Beginnings, Playfulness, Life Path

Kunzite (Madagascar/Brazil/USA) - Healing, Gentle self-expression, connection

Rose Quartz (Madagascar/USA) - Self-Love, Soothing, Relationships

Mookaite (Australia) - Longevity, Opportunities, Action

Tigers Eye (South Africa) - Strength, Balance, Harmony

Aquamarine (USA/Brazil/Australia) - Inner Peace, Rejuvenation, Stress Relief

Labradorite (Canada) - Transformation, Intuition, Expanded Awareness

Celestite (Madagascar) - Calming, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation

Amazonite (Brazil) - Inspiration, Self-Discovery, Emotional Healing

Trolleite (Brazil) - Enlightenment, Emotional Understanding, Intuition

Apatite (Burma/Madagascar/Mexico) - Angelic Communication, Higher Self, Astral Travel

Blue Aragonite (Greece/China/Morocco) - Nourishment, Inspiration, Calming Wholeness

Pink Aragonite (France/China/ UK) - Centring, Self-Discipline, Stress-Relief

Clear Quartz (found in all countries) - Cleansing, Clearing, Enhancing

Citrine (Brazil/Sri Lanka/India) - Clarity, Abundance, Good Luck

Turquoise (Turkey) - Balance, Truth, Empathy

Lapis Lazuli (Afghanistan) - Enhances wisdom & truth, reduces stress, Communication

Pyrite (Italy/Spain/Kazakhstan) - Determination, Creating your own Reality, Luck and good fortune

Lepidolite (Brazil/Russia/Japan/UK) - Relaxation, relieves worry, emotional balance

Strawberry Quartz (Russia) - Love, Empowerment, Joy

Garnet (USA) – Love & Relationships, Power, Rejuvenation

Fire Quartz (Czech Republic/Germany/Nambia) - Dissolves Blockages, Healing, Intuition

Pink Mangano Calcite (Slovakia/Romania/Peru/Bulgaria) - Joy, Nurturing, selflessness

Pink Amethyst (Argentina) - Understanding, Calmness, balance, peace

Golden Healer (Brazil) – Alignment, Transformation, Balance

White Onyx (Persia) - Healing, relieves emotional stress, combats grief

Smoky Quartz (world wide) - Protection, Grounding, Manifestation

Rainbow Moonstone (Poland, India, Sri Lanka, Australia) - New Beginnings, Soothes emotions, Inner strength

Howlite (Nova Scotia) - Stillness, Tenderness, Open-mindedness

Angel Aura Quartz (world wide) - Mental Enhancement, Insight, Higher self

Black Tourmaline (Pakistan/Sri Lanka, USA) - Cleansing, blocks negative thoughts and energies, grounding

Apophyllite (India) - Connection, Spiritual Awakening, Alignment

Kyanite (Brazil/Burma/Nambia/Kenya) - Meditation, Dreams, Manifestation

Desert Rose (Morocco/Saudi Arabia/Tunisia) - Prosperity, Strength, Channelling

Green Aventurine (India) - Luck & Fortune, Optimism, Confidence

Orange Aventurine (India) - Positive outlook, happiness, enthusiasm

Himalayan Quartz (Nepal) - Calming, Patience, Synchronicity

Hematite (South Africa)  - Absorbs negative energy,

Terahertz - Focused energy, clears the mind, organises complex information

Kambaba Jasper (South Africa/Madagascar) - Tranquillity, Safety during travel, Fertility

Malachite (Egypt) - Transformation, Prosperity, Confidence

Dali Jasper (China) - Spiritual Growth, Amplifies energy, healing

Prehnite (Scotland/Australia) - Stress Relief, Unity, Connection

Sodalite (Greenland) - Angelic Communication, Strong Intuition, improves memory & focus

Blue Sandstone - Good luck & Energy, clearing, fulfilment

Rutile (Sierra Leone/Switzerland) - Inspiration, Life Path, Enlightenment

Lavender Rose Quartz (USA / Australia / Brazil / Sweden . Geremany) - Love, Healing, Joy