Cleansing Crystal Kit


Cleanse your heart, mind, body and spirit with our ‘Cleansing Crystal Kit’. These purposeful crystals will allow you to clear and cleanse so that there is space for positive energy to enter. 

This Crystal Kit includes the following 5 crystals presented in our signature HOW suede pouch;

  • CLEAR QUARTZ: clears and cleanses energies
  • BLACK OBSIDIAN: clears energy and offers strong protection
  • SELENITE: cleanses and removes blockages, and purifies your surroundings
  • SMOKY QUARTZ: helps to keep you grounded, and also protects your manifested intentions to block any negative energies or influences that may try to get in the way.
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: Swallows negative energy and transforms anxious feelings. A very strong protection and grounding stone.

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