Crystal Activated Water Bottle - Clear Quartz


Crystals have been used in elixirs for centuries due to the positive energies and vibrations they emit. Infuse your daily water intake with these purposeful crystals to intentionally promote energy that increases wellbeing. Packaged in beautifully presented cylinder boxes, our Crystal Water bottles make the perfect gift.

Clear Quartz

- Promotes healing and spiritual growth

- Cleanses and amplifies energy

- Aids concentration and brings clarity

- Balances the body with the mind

The crystals used in our water bottles are 100% natural gemstones, meaning that they are each beautifully unique - no two are the same.

BPA Toxin Free / Borosilicate Glass / Stainless Steel attachments / all crystals ethically sourced / interchangeable crystal points / designed in Cairns, Australia.


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