Romantic Relationships Crystal Kit


Whether you are wanting to focus on and nurture existing relationships, or you are wanting to open yourself to accepting new ones, our ‘Romantic Relationships Crystal Kit’ is the companion you need to support you through all the different relationships and their stages. This crystal kit supports new and existing romantic relationships, the relationship with ones 'self', trusting in the process of being in love, and supporting emotional bonds for long-lasting love.

This Crystal Kit includes the following 5 crystals presented in our signature HOW suede pouch;

  • LEPIDOLITE: this Crystal inspires trust in love, and gives you the space to open your heart to love
  • ROSE QUARTZ: unconditional love of all kinds 
  • CARNELIAN: supports romantic love, and bonds created through sexual relationships 
  • HEMATITE: supports new love, and personal magnetism 
  • LAPIS LAZULI: supports long-lasting love, and emotional bonds

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