Grief & Mourning Crystal Kit


Grief & bereavement is a journey of the most difficult kind, and it’s one that we all experience and process very differently. This ‘Grief & Mourning’ Crystal Kit aims to provide you with crystal companions to help navigate through the stages of grief that we are presented with, and to support you through your very personal journey of loss, trauma, or mourning.

This Crystal Kit includes the following 5 crystals presented in our signature HOW suede pouch;

  • KAMBABA JASPER: provides calming energy to help heal feelings of grief, guilt, trauma, sadness and anger.
  • RHODONITE: provides emotional healing, and can assist in bringing grief to the surface so it can be processed
  • ROSE QUARTZ: this crystal keeps our hearts open to help us move forward through the different stages of grief 
  • SMOKY QUARTZ: helps with feelings of depression and overwhelming stress  
  • CLEAR QUARTZ: helps with healing both physical and emotional pain
NB* Whilst these crystals help to channel energy to assist with the grieving process, they do not replace the need for additional help. Please seek further help from a loved one, friend, or professional if you are feeling that you are not coping with your grief alone. 

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