Friendship Crystal Kit


The interpersonal bond between two people, friendship can be described as a relationship of mutual affection between you and another. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s the best feeling ever when you stumble across you BFF and make those lasting connections. This Crystal Kit is all about friendship… making new friends and being a good friend to the ones you already have,  

This Crystal Kit includes the following 5 crystals presented in our signature HOW suede pouch;

  •  CARNELIAN: rids negative emotions like jealousy and anxiety, and replaces those feelings with motivation and balance 
  • LAPIS LAZULI: the ‘stone of friendship’ it encourages dignity and honesty amongst friends, helps us to enjoy company of others, and reminds us to be humble with dealing with people 
  • ROSE QUARTZ: opens the heart and encourages trust and harmony 
  • ORANGE AVENTURINE: supports a positive outlook and brings feelings of happiness. Helps with confidence and enthusiasm making it easier to make new friends
  • KYANKTE: breaks negative emotional ties and promotes new and positive friendships

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