Healing Crystal Kit


Our ‘Healing Crystal Kit’ can be utilised to assist with healing associated with any type of grief, trauma, sadness, and anger, or any emotional, physical or spiritual ailment that needs attention. Allow these crystals to help you with your healing process and embrace the journey you are taken on. 

This Crystal Kit includes the following 5 crystals presented in our signature HOW suede pouch;

  • WHITE ONYX: assists with the healing of grief of all kinds, and combats emotional stress 
  • FLOWER AGATE: provides inner peace and self healing
  • MOONSTONE: embodies a passive and relaxing energy that helps to smooth and calm emotions, and promotes balance
  • KUNZITE: a strong physical healer with properties that strengthen the heart and circulatory system, and is helpful to the skeletal and muscular system. It is also known to strengthen mental health to protect against anxiety and depression. 
  • RHODONITE: this stone absorbs negative energy, and is an emotional balancer, clearing emotional wound and scars from the past. Helps to heal emotional shock and panic.

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