Pink Amethyst & Flower Agate Hybrid Tower with large druzy (highest quality) / 819g



This stunning large hybrid tower is covered with subtle white flowers on all four (4) sides, and has a small pocket of quartz inclusions towards the base of the back panel. This tower has an exceptionally large and beautiful druzy, full of sparkle, in a deep pinkish-tangerine colour, that opens through to both sides. A beautiful statement piece. 


Emitting calmness, trust and grace, this stone assists with moving one towards emotional balance and overall peace. This soft pink amethyst increases intuition and clarity, and also helps to lift troubled thoughts, feelings and energies that may be weighing you down. 



Psychic Abilities / Dreams / Clarity / Protection / Physical Healing / Purification / Wisdom / Focus / Expansion / Insight / Anxiety Relief / Spiritual Awakening

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