Sleep & Dreaming Crystal Kit


Something I’m pretty sure we all wish we could have more of… sleep! Whether you have difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or if your dreams won’t let you sleep, our ‘Sleep & Dreaming Crystal Kit’ is filled with calming and tranquil energy to help you achieve a restful slumber.

This Crystal Kit includes the following 5 crystals presented in our signature HOW suede pouch;

  • CELESTITE: this crystal is all about Dreams, attunement, and relaxation.
  • AMETHYST: eases Anxiety, calms the mind, and relaxes the body
  • SODALITE: this stone helps with insomnia, by allowing you to regain control of your nightly sleep cycles
  • HOWLITE: slows racing thoughts, provides tranquil energy to lessen insomnia. 
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: Fends off bad Dreams and nightmares

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